Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another cloth diaper post!

This is a picture of my "stash" of cloth diapers. Almost all the diapers I own are in this picture!

So here's everything. And boy does it seem like a lot!  Here are the detailed kinds I have...

3 work at home mom (aka WAHM) pocket diapers made by yours truly! I have one other one not made by me that isn't shown here. It was in the drawer...

5 total Bumgenius 3.0s and 4.0s. I have one more in green, but it was on the baby's butt at the time of pictures. The top left one is in the process of being converted from velcro to snaps.

3 WAHM fitted diapers. These need covers, but all the absorbency is sewn into the diaper. This one I JUST finished before I took the pictures. There's another one in the process of being sewn, but the baby was waking up while I was sewing so I stopped. I also have two more that were made by another mom. 

21 infant prefolds, 11 red-thread osocozy prefolds, and one thirsties prefold. I dyed the colored ones just because I wanted fun colors! 

3 flat diapers. Technically, these are flour sack towels from Target. I dyed the colored towels here also.

12 Alva diapers. Two aren't pictured, one of those is camo, and the other is a blue dotted monkey print. These are all OS (one-size) pocket diapers.

And almost all of my covers. All are OS except for the Prowraps.
2 WAHM covers (blue one was made by me), 4 Econobum covers (blue trimmed one was in the laundry), 1 Flip cover, and 9 Prowrap size small covers. I added snaps to the rise of some of the prowrap covers because they didn't fit my Butterbean when we first started using cloth. Now they fit great! 

Also not pictured are 2 Fuzzibunz elite OS diapers. I left them in the drawer. I am not the biggest fan of how they fit on my Butterbean, so they don't get used much. 

But yeah, there's everything! I do laundry every 3 days or so. So for instance, I did laundry today (Saturday), and I won't have to do laundry again until Wednesday most likely. Unless that baby decides to be extra dirty. :)

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